Health Screening for Cats and Dogs

Blacksburg’s only AAHA accredited veterinary clinic offers laboratory testing to screen your pet for disease and parasites, packaged together for savings and added value.

Laboratory Screenings Can Find Hidden Parasites and Other Illnesses

Cats and dogs often hide their symptoms until their condition is critical.

Our veterinarians use laboratory tests to detect and treat illnesses before they become serious, such as:

Kidney Disease • Pancreatitis • Liver Cirrhosis • Giardia • Heartworm  Intestinal Worms • Urinary Tract Infections • Lyme disease • Heart Disease

Screening Packages for Cats and Dogs of All Ages

Companion Animal Clinic offers several options for your pet’s health screening. Each package tests for the most common conditions in your pet’s age and are bundled to save you up to $123 off the retail price of buying tests individually. 

Puppies and Young Dogs

Your dog receives:
– 10 Chemistry tests
– Comprehensive Blood Count
– Internal parasite screening
– Blood parasite screening

Bundled Savings: $88

Kittens and Young Cats

Your cat receives:
– 10 Chemistry tests
– Comprehensive Blood count
– Cardiopet ProBNP

Bundled Savings: $45

Adult Dogs

Your dog receives:
– 27 Chemistry tests
– Comprehensive Blood Count
– Internal parasite screening
– Blood parasite screening
– Thyroid tests

Bundled Savings: $111

Adult and Senior Cats

Your cat receives:
– 25 chemistry tests
– Comprehensive blood count
– Cardiopet ProBNP
– Internal parasite screening
– Thyroid test
– Urinalysis

Bundled Savings: $103

Senior Dogs

Your dog receives:
– 27 Chemistry tests
– Comprehensive blood count
– Internal parasite screening
– Blood parasite screening
– Thyroid tests
– Urinalysis

Bundled Savings: $123

Two Ways You Save

We calculate our savings in two ways. First, our care packages offer an up-front discount compared to purchasing all the tests separately. Second, they catch diseases early, saving you from paying pricey emergency room fees.

Early disease detection means fewer emergencies — Keeping your pet out of the hospital keeps money in your wallet!

Our Wellness Screenings Can Bring You and Your Pet The Following Benefits

Catch Parasites Early

We test your pet’s blood and intestines for nasty pests — some of which can be passed to humans!

Detect Hidden Diseases

Cats and dogs often hide symptoms of dangerous conditions. These can be fatal if left undetected.

Customized Care

Our preventive screening packages are tailored to fit your pet’s age, lifestyle, and health history.

Treatment Savings

A single visit to the emergency room can cost more than a lifetime of annual preventive care.

Expert Insight

Companion Animal Clinic is Blacksburg’s only veterinary care facility that is accredited by American Animal Hospital Association.

Boarding for Cats

Screenings Commonly Include the Following Tests:

Chemistry Tests: To screen for kidney, liver, or pancreatic disease, as well as check blood sugar levels. 

Complete Blood Count: To evaluate your pet’s overall health. 

Electrolyte tests: Ensure your pet is not dehydrated or suffering from an electrolyte imbalance. 

Intestinal parasite screening: Fecal test to detect internal parasites, like worms and Giardia. Some of these diseases are transferable to humans. 

Blood parasite screen: Identifies if your pet has been exposed to mosquito- or tick-borne illnesses, such as heartworm or Lyme disease. 

Urinalysis: Screen for urinary tract infections and related diseases, and evaluate the kidney’s ability to concentrate urine. 

Thyroid tests (T4): Determines if the thyroid is producing too little of the thyroid hormone. 

Cardiopet ProBNP: Tests if the heart is stressed or is overstretched. *1 in 6 cats has an undetected form of heart disease*

The results of some of these tests may automatically trigger a secondary test. This will be no additional charge to you.

Protect Your Pet's Health by Scheduling a Preventive Screening Today!

About Companion Animal Clinic

Companion Animal Clinic has served Blacksburg  since 1974. We provide regular checkups, preventive medicine, boarding, surgery, and dental care. In addition to cats and dogs, we also see a variety of small mammals.

We  are the region’s only animal hospital that meets the American Animal Hospital Association high standards for quality care, clean facilities, and professional service.

For Scheduling or Other Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a question below to learn more about the our health screenings.

How do I know which tests my pet needs?

Our veterinarians tailor each animal’s health screening to suit its age, lifestyle, and special medical needs. Young pets typically need fewer internal organ tests than older animals, and outdoor pets need more tests overall than those that go outside.

When will I receive my pet's results?

Most results are ready within 48 hours, and your veterinarian will call you if the tests find anything amiss.

Do you offer preventive care for pets other than cats or dogs?

Not every species requires comprehensive preventive care. Therefore, we offer preventive medicine to exotic mammals, but not in a discounted bundle.

Do you offer multi-pet discounts?

Yes! Contact us for more information.

Do these packages include vaccines?

Vaccines are offered separately and are not included in health screening costs. Contact us if you’d like us to review your pets records to see which vaccines your pet needs.